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Social Media for business

Engage with your customers

Social media is all about building relationships

Utilise Social Media, boost your Sales

Social media is not a one-way process. It’s all about building a relationship with your customers. This does not mean constantly advertising, it does mean listening to them for a sustained period and where possible answering their questions. If managed effectively social media provides a fantastic way to develop a rapport with your customers, if they like and trust you they will be inclined to listen to you. If you have any questions about Social Media, the reference section is designed to help you, If you cannot find the answer you require please contact me I’ll be delighted to help,to discover how Carl Potts Designs can transform your customer engagement, contact me today.

10 Social Media package benefits

  • Friendly, professional and completely trustworthy interaction
  • Targeted Campaigns which complement your website content strategy
  • Regular & sustained interaction at peak times, specifically designed to boost your companies profile
  • I’ll Boost your social media impact with sincere,friendly interaction
  • Design personalised Social Media Campaigns
  • Specialised Social media for business needs,targeted posts timed for maximum impact
  • Social Media Management
  • Improve your customer service with prompt answers to customer enquiries
  • Advertise website content/Offers
  • Improve website Search engine performance
  • White Hat-Ethical growth of followers,i.e. without buying likes from fake accounts
  • Best Social Networking sites covered such as Facebook,Twitter and Google plus

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