Boost your website traffic

Search Engine optimisation needs to be an integral part of your companies internet marketing, there is little point in building a website which cannot be found with the main search engines. Algorithm changes mean that the days of simply completing a webpages Meta tags are long gone. Your companies search engine optimisation campaign needs to monitor traffic and analyse visitor behaviour to determine whether your website is performing correctly, all the sites I build are connected to a Google analytics account so performance can be adequately monitored . If your site is properly optimised there is no need for the expense of a pay per click campaign. If you want your website to perform better on search engines, contact me today for a discussion I’ll be glad to help get your site performing

Its the Content.Stupid

We’ve all read ‘Content is king’ on a multitude of blogs & forums, with the Panda and Penguin algorithm changes the consequences of this are becoming more obvious. Changes to the way Google calculate results mean that having a well optimised site is no longer enough for a successful website, now a website requires engaging and useful content to perform well in search engines. This useful content will help generate backlinks from other websites and so better search engine rankings.

Choose the package to suit your needs

Carl Potts designs have a selection of Optimisation packages to suit all requirements & budgets. Please feel free to contact me; I’ll endeavour to answer any enquiries and questions promptly

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