I appreciate it’s not the most enthralling of topics, for owners of websites in the United Kingdom it is important. Recently the EU Privacy Directive (26th May 2012) has changed the law regarding the storage and use of cookies by websites, as this guide is written for small business owners I’ll avoid using excessive technical or legal Jargon.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small data file stored by an internet browser on a computer or mobile device. The Chances are that if a user is logged in to a website it is achieved by the use of cookies. Detailed examination of all the different cookie types is beyond the scope of this guide.

So what does this new law require?

The new regulations have two major requirements. These are as follows

  • The Requirement to inform users
  • The Requirement to Offer consent to users

Of the two requirements consent is the more complicated.

What is Implied Consent?

When a user continues to use a website they know contains cookies they are said to have given implied consent for the website Owner to use the cookies


At the time of writing I am aware of two plug ins for WordPress which satisfy the legislation, these are Cookie Cuttr and EU Cookie Law


I have no formal legal training this article is intended for brief guidance only


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