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Reappraising the case for website content

The case for engaging good quality content is pretty overwhelming when examined logically. Why is Google the most popular Search Engine? Would be a perfectly reasonable question; ‘because it gives the best results’ would be a fair answer to this.

what are good search results?

Now it’s worth considering ‘what are the best results’? In more detail, a selection of relevant good quality websites which stand a good chance of answering a searchers information requirements would be a sensible definition of good search results not over optimised websites which contain very little information, its in Google’s interests to stay ahead of their competition and the way they do this is by giving better quality results to search queries,

The case for Panda & Penguin,the challenge facing small business websites.

the challenge for small businesses and Post Panda SEOs is to anticipate the questions their customers are asking (through techniques such as keyword research)and then providing the information that their customers are actually searching for, then advertising these answers in the social media their customers use.

The Empty shop

What’s interesting is that so many companies fail to provide interesting websites, often suffering from a lack of real content, merely a few stock images in the vain hope it will satisfy site visitors, it’s the online equivalent of having an empty shop with disinterested/bored staff milling about.

Developing 2013′s strategy

I’m busy formulating business strategy for the new year, This includes various content management and ecommerce packages available. I’ve set up a local Lamp server and I’m pleasantly surprised how good Linux Mint is, additionally I’ve been evaluating Drupal, I’ve come to the conclusion its vastly overpowered for the type of websites I generally develop, so I’ll be continuing to use WordPress for the majority of my websites , this is not denigrating Drupal in any way its simply far too powerful for the small business websites I work on , another factor influencing this decision is the user friendliness of WordPress which makes it perfect for clients who are slightly wary of Information Technology.

Adjusting your website for a post Google Panda & Penguin World

Google Logo

As my previous job has now come to an end its time to update the blog and bring the overall site up to date, and ensure that I post on a regular basis, with the release of the Google Panda & Penguin algorithm updates everything has changed and your company’s website needs to change in order to acknowledge this. Rhetoric & hyperbole aside everything has changed. Keyword density is no longer a positive ranking factor. Simply repeating the keyword you wish to rank for ad nauseum is not going to help your website, on the contrary Google is likely to punish your site.

Quality Content is King

Personally I feel this is a positive change by Google and given time lead to a better quality web to revise the old Canard Quality Content is King, I personally don’t regard semi relevant stock imagery as top quality content